Nick Richmond of Matrix Home Solutions

Product Overview

Don't settle for anything but the best.

Prospect Bifold


Oversized bifold mailers are ideal for branded, direct response prospecting. This product plants the seeds for ROI today while branding the company for the future lifetime of your business.

  • Four brandable Panels
  • Organized, impactful layout
  • Targeted to establish your brand in a specific geo-zone

Current Client Mailer


Large personalized client postcards are perfect to stay in touch with your clients on a monthly basis.

  • Regular, rhythmic communication helps protect clients from competitors
  • Constantly reinforces and introduces all the services you provide
  • Communicates monthly and seasonal to-do items
  • Easiest and cheapest customer to get is one that you have already earned

Hyper Target Mailer


Super hyper targeted mailers are a great way to send a special offer, promotion, or message to uniquely qualified prospects.

  • Income (Earns $100K + annually)
  • Length of home ownership (owned home for 5+ years)
  • Home value ($300K +)
  • Credit score (700 or higher)

Thank You Cards


Our thank you card campaign positions and encourages repeat business by thanking your clients and giving them another reason to return.

  • Custom, branded, personalized
  • Envelopes, postcards, and gift cards
  • Custom campaign to your qualifying prospects weekly

Referral Cards


Reward your employees as they generate new business for you! these PVC coated cards can be customized for your business and even your individual technicians.

  • Individual call tracking numbers
  • Choose your reward denominations
  • Customized to technician level

Radius Mailers


All encompassing direct mail offer tailored to your company’s services. Homes of a similar age and size are generally built in the same communities. Chances are if one home needs repair or replacement, others in the area are not far behind.

  • Weekly program
  • Targeted to 150 homes around each install
  • Tailored to your company’s services with your logo, colors, services, and branding
  • Personalized to the receiving homeowner

Valve Tag Cards


These are the perfect product to completely brand a home! Put one on A/C pipes, sinks pipes and electrical panels. When something goes wrong, they will know who to call!

  • Plastic, UV light protected from fading
  • Customized with your business and service options
  • Quick, easy branding to your current customers

Monthly Newsletter & Prospect E-Blast


Monthly newsletters to your current clients give you another touch point with your customers and reinforces your other marketing efforts.

  • Monthly and seasonally updated
  • Branded for your company
  • Regionally appropriate content
  • Checklist, pro tips, and coupons monthly